04 May 2011

SHOPPING: Eleven Object collars

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I've fallen in love with these beautiful collars from Eleven Objects. Made from delicious fabrics such as silk faille, lace and my favourite, calf hair, they are the perfect accessory to breathe new life into an old top or dress that you've fallen out of love with. Check out the 'Wear it' section on their website for inspiration on how to style yours. I'll take one in the tan ponyhair with rose gold studs please!


Anonymous said...

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Ginta said...

I first noticed them day after I decided I need to find a detachable collar. :) These collars are perfect!

Rich Girls. said...

these are so cute!
the last one especially is so adorable. x.

Jonna said...

The second one is stunning! x

Bad Joan said...

Very cool collars! The first one is gorgeous!


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

i love the first one

Anonymous said...

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