31 August 2010


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I've always enjoyed a good A-Z.
What letter is your favourite? I think mine is Qq - Quiet beauty


Anonymous said...

still searching for the perfect shirt, but yet to find
this is cute!

sara. said...

Pp as well !
its a classic.

Clara said...

This is tough but I think Xx, Pp, then Cc!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

Sucker for Camel still!

Good to see you updating hon and GREAT to meet you. Must stay in touch :)

Bel xxx

heleen said...

I'm quite partial to P.
And I must admit I'm a bit surprised they didnt do 'shearling' for the S.

jayne said...

C is for Camel
as well as Chloe (:

how nice to see you posting more often, keep it up please!


Anonymous said...

AT the moment, perfect white shirt. It seems to be alluding me! x

Pennerad said...

hmmm, thinking n, for no. 6. want a pair of those boots SO BAD for the chilly months.

fb said...

mine is Jj. Jumpsuit ! :DDD

fnatassa said...

Mine is Jj . JUMPSUIT !! :DDDD

Générationnelles said...

Mine is definitely L = Lace !!!!

chloe said...

oh yes, nice a-z!
don't know if i can narrow it down to a favourite though, im currently looking for loads of things, as always! x