20 March 2010


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Lovely Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl has some beautiful new shoes which I am very jealous of indeed.


S.A.A. said...

OMFGG These are the Miu Miu's that I said to myself if I found out where they were being sold that I would seriously consider buying them as my first ever designer piece!!!! Gahhh. I really really want these.And not even a copy either, I actually want to buy the real thing.

xx SAA

RUBIE said...

Oh, I swallow!
They're amazing!


Anonymous said...

i'm craving these miu miu shoes. i've missed reading your posts!

Cindy said...

such icons already. i am very tempted to buy the cat print ones.

confessions of a marc addict. said...

i'm out of control jealous right now.

Stompface said...

whoa! those shoes are incredible!

glad to see you are blogging again little lady!


Sara said...

these are gorgeous!
yes same with Stompface, i've really missed your posts. glad you're back. xox

Anonymous said...

I am always jealous with everyone who has miu miu