12 January 2010


"Created from footage captured during a marathon shoot for the September 2006 issue of Paris Vogue, Craig McDean's film '48 Girls' features forty-eight motion portraits of the most important models working today."


EN VANITÉ said...

im going to watch that right now

Francheska said...

thank you for posting this! something new to watch lol x

Slimbykings said...

I've enjoyed this a lot! I took the sound off and it makes a huge difference! xx

Bijou and Ruby said...

just they way he has used the light in that video is amazing and creative. great great post thanks for sharing


Fashion Monstre said...

sick and dark!!!!! looovvee it!!

brendan stampley said...


Anonymous said...

ha! That was great!

Tea with Edith said...

I love Liya Kebede´s head dress in this, and Anja Rubiks hair cut is to die for.

Tea with Edith said...

I love Liya Kebede´s head dress in this, and Anja Rubiks hair cut is to die for.

JanuskieZ said...

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jessica said...

wow - love it. thanks for that.


vaxcel lighting said...

Loved to watch it!!


insane. thank you for posting! x

Phiephie + Minnie said...

I loved your video! Such a great blog! I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow us too! I'll add you to our bloglist now :)


Anonymous said...

i love it

Ilse said...


čudna said...

love you blog :))


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mumbles said...

loove your blog
and miss your outfits

Anonymous said...

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LoliTa said...

love this!


Lilee▲ said...


brendan stampley said...

this is really lovely. trying turning off the volume and listening to polly scattergood: i am strong.


Stephanie said...

happy birthday, lady!!! comeback birthday post?! LOL! xx

hope you have a totally magical year! xx

Amanda said...

I miss your outfits post and ur photographs! where ve u been? come back soon!!

AMON + MONICA said...

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Anonymous said...

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Silk Ties & Striped Shirts said...

Nice photograph! Awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

where have you gone! we miss you! xx


Style On Track said...

I love this :)

Lucy Laucht said...

hey cute blog, I just stumbled upon it from the Sportsgirl website :-) lucy http://lucylaucht.blogspot.com/

Louise ♥ said...

where are you??

Anonymous said...

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mimi sioux said...

it's interesting how someones face can make you so influencial and a rolemodel, don't you think?
to brand someone a star because they've got a pretty face.
it's all quite fascinating to me

Karoline said...

fascinating movie! Great concept.
Thanks for sharing.

Womens Leggings said...

Brill video!

Clare said...

Thanks for posting this, it's great. Love how quickly it chops and changes and they all look so beautiful.

Love the background switching too :)


tinypaperheart said...

love your blog name :)

AMIT said...

Liked your blog and pics.

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Kate said...

This is quite mesmerizing!

jamie clare said...

Beautiful video.

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daisy kate said...

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sarah said...

wow, i love love that video. i agree with kate, mesmerizing!


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Nicole Jarecz said...

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Zanita said...

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Doutzen looks incredible. This video is great.

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dodz said...

hmm.. what is all about?

dodoy said...

where can i watch this??

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