30 September 2009


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I put some things up on ebay today when the procrastinator in me got spring cleaning, when I really should have been essay writing.
Click here to head to the ebay store if anything catches your eye.


Laura said...

Cool, I'll be checking these out.


jules said...

what a beautiful set and presentation; a delightful capsule wardrobe.

Venus said...

Do you ship to the US?

EN VANITÉ said...


D E E said...

Venus: Yes I ship worldwide.

Poisoned Amour said...

this is nice :)
that reminds me, i gotta do some fall/winter cleaning as well!
great blog, btw !

Anonymous said...

i love how your purple wall manages to effortlessly complement everything on the rack! too easy x

Anonymous said...

hi ya!

is those gorg snakskin pants stretchy canvas? do you think they will fit size 10-12? mostly normally 10 size, though. thank you!
ps i love your blog.


Anonymous said...

Very jealous that you guy's down under are spring cleaning as us poor unfortunates in Ireland are coming into our winter.... :( So I think that vintage white fur coat will be a staple piece for my winter wardrobe :)

Ps. Love your blog