27 September 2009


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It's always nice getting new underwear.

{number 1: loveable. number 2: chloe & lola}


Wikifashion said...

I love the lace one, so pretty!

Elissa McGowan said...

I bought that Chloe & Lola bra as well! Xo

heleen said...

It truly is.
I ordered some adorable ruffled panties from a catalogue a while back and they STILL have to arrive. Argh.

ilovecoolthings said...

oooohhhhhhhhhh i love lacy non paded bras, they are so hard to find in Canada, luckily i am going to Paris at the end of this week and i will have a lingerie extravaganza at Le Bon Marche!


C said...

it really is. But it'sjust a mission to buy new, try on and decide...really a mission or just my reular laziness.

Stephanie said...

I'm just obsessed with lingerie!!


rachel kara said...

You're not wrong there...pretty underwear would have to be one of my top pick me ups!

And in response to your question about my black wedges they're RMK from David Jones


Jess said...

The Chloe & Lola bra is amazing! Where did you get it & how much if its not too bothersome to ask?

D E E said...

Jess - it was $40 from Myer. It's cute hey! x