03 August 2009


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A lovely lady at work gave me these beautiful camelias from her garden yesterday.


Alissa said...

the christmas cat!

he's looking pretty good. but i think i prefer him s'allumer!

in one if his many priceless moments, roland once said that s'allumer could also be used to describe turning someone on. so perhaps not.

p.s read your interview. very cool! but you defs should have mentioned the pink bustier that you made ben buy you from sportsgirl in year 9. that's one of my first ever sportsgirl memories!

imane said...

funny and lovely pix
see you

levis said...
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levis said...

I love your own pics on stuff, & adore the way you use the flash!

heleen said...

Wow that's one scary cat.

Ashley said...

Cool photo! the cat is cool.