08 July 2009


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Currently loving this Michael Jackson tribute that Grazia recently did.
The Swarovski-ed white glove, and inclusion of a faux Bubbles the chimp are pure genius and I could've sworn that vintage red leather jacket was actually worn by MJ himself, circa 1982.


Hello, darling said...

This is really nice♥

The Stylemaster said...

i love this!

The Stylemaster said...

& i agree with the red jacket! so similar!

Maria said...

Wow.. love it 2! The pieces are amazing...! Especially the red jacket! And the glove...wow!

/Maria (from Sweden)


Ashley said...

Fabulosity..I love this soooo much! Great styling and I love the faux Bubbles :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, this spread is fabulous.

Jojo said...

I haven't seen this but I love it. Quite kooky looking..
Love Jojo x

O-Ren said...

that's pretty cool what they've done there in Grazia

Cindy said...

i love it too. great styling, great clothes and it really captures mj. very cool.

hélène said...

These are so wonderful!

stephanie said...

what a fantastic editorial!

thanks for sharing, lady!


La Couturier said...


A stunning editorial!! I'm in love.

La C.

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

WOW that red jacket really does just cream MJ, and I love the bottom left shot too xx


Georgia said...

that is so well done! honestly i thought that any mj-inspired fashion would fail, but they really pull it off here. good choice

It would be mine

Stefani said...

oh, I really like this:) He had an amazing style!

Karla said...

I have been trying to avoid all the hoo-rah about Michael Jackson but these pics define how much of an icon he really is in the fashion world.

trigg and trig. said...

what a great tribute. this is amazing

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

def one of the better editorials i have seen in awhile. excellent threads :)


chauss said...

i love this!!!
and what a fabulous blog. :)
come visit mine.

Anonymous said...

I loved this tribute so much, the clothes were gorgeous!



william said...

I always liked what he wore, but never thought it looked right on him, so this is absolutely perfect.

indie said...

This kinda shows how huge influence he has..love it.

GLAYKI said...

perfect idea..
we love Michael...

Anonymous said...

the pic with the gold pants, white fedora and blazer - does anyone know who designs the blazer???
I must have it!!!!!!

cupcakeRIOT said...


Anonymous said...

I think the white blazer is by carla zampatti, does anyone know the brand of the t-shirt with michael jackson on it? (with fedora, gold jeans, and white blazer), can't read the info from the photo

D E E said...

The white blazer is by Carla Zampatti, and the tee is just a Bonds tee customised by Bang-On.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dee! helped me loads (:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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