14 July 2009


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In order to cater for both eyes and ears, I thought I'd include a playlist on Delightful which I'm sure you've all noticed by now.
This month the tracks are all a shout out to lo-fi lovin' but the theme will rotate every month or so.
Shoot me an email if you're crushing on any of the songs - I'd like to hear if anyone is as into this shit as me. And likewise, if you've got any song suggestions pour moi.


Hello, darling said...

That Stereo is awesome. I want one ♥

genaxx/ said...

Happy for some new music to fill my room. Thanks!
Supporting Aussie blogs!

Please stop by sometime?

Sharissa said...

Love love love Panda Bear
and Neon Indian is divine and well, alot of fun.
You might like Rainbow Arabia, Avey Tare and Lotus Plaza if you haven't already heard of their stuff!
ps. great blog, a daily necessity Xxx

sofie said...

loving the playlist, you have an excellent taste in music! was thinking of rainbow arabia too, so good!

Alissa said...

Nice playlist Deejy. Deadbeat Summer was stuck in my head just this morning in fact!

I thought of a few more lo-fi tracks that you might like ...

Bibio -Ambivalence Avenue
Best Coast - Sun Was High (So Was I)
Radio Dept. - Keen On Boys
Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To
Women- Black Rice
Wavves- So Bored

A few of those are old news, but if you haven't already checked them out, then I'm sure you will enjoy!

= ) Love xxxx

Romain said...

We say : "La Musique".
But, except that, I LOVE YOUR BLOG ! ;)