15 July 2009


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How cute is this duck meringue I found in a little patisserie a few weeks ago?
It survived an entire day of me eyeing it off and an even an appearance in a photoshoot before I could finally get it home and take a photo of it.
Liss and Sophie - if you're reading - it was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten.


jessica said...

peeps ! ahah

Raez said...

thanks dee! i definitely adore your playlist-even though ive never heard of any of the bands before, they're amazing! like that meringue duck:)

how'd you take off the add part from your playlist? when i tried to on my mixpod account, the player wouldn't play!

xx raez

Style On Track said...

Adorable and delicious, what could be a more exciting combination?

LetThemEatKate said...

Dee you have the most adorable posts!!!

KAELA said...

mega cute

Dymaninga said...

I love your food posts. Eff off masterchef. It's all bout this shiz.