01 June 2009


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#1 - chunky gold clip on earrings.
#2 - cherry coca cola.

{earrings: vintage givenchy. singlet: tsubi. lips: ysl rouge volupte #8.}


A. said...

good mix ;)

Stompface said...

that lipstick colour is fantastic! I must have it!


S.A.A. said...

What a hot nail colour too! What is it?

xo querido.

stephanie said...

oh cherry coca cola! you're sooo awesome, lady!!



The Stylemaster said...

Cherry cola! We dont have that one in Australia!

Alice said...

lips look so good

CAMILLE said...

didnt know cola came in cheery :)

camille x

Anonymous said...

Ah what an adorable shot, I have to admit I've never tried the cherry flavour, I have a feeling it will be like Dr Pepper eck. I cannot help but envy your vintage glasses collection! xx

Raez said...

my current obsession? pink lips. cant get enough, and i love this pic!

Krystal said...

i just found you, adore your blog! exchange links? x

Em said...

you're blog is wonderful - and i can never get enough of cherry cola.

Treasure Box said...

Cherry cola, serious?
They don't sell it anywhere where I love. I'm loving your blog btw.



Wends said...

your blog is the manifestation of its name,
all your posts make me smile