18 June 2009


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Glam bathrooms. Chanel. Carrie's wardrobe.


Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love the first pic!
Once again, you are my new fav!
Have read your blog from beginning to end!

Holly said...

I have carries wardrobe as the background on my laptop and someone beloved it was my wadrobe. I wish!!
Great blog!!

Holly x

electric feel said...


Ashley said...

Oh god..Carrie's closet is so amazing. Actually, I just love her whole apartment.


Amira said...

lol before i even scrolled down the text i was like "omg carries closet" as if i have been there! ;-) well, kinda.

Faridah said...

There is no better word to describe your blog, simply - delightful! I love this post. x

boubou said...

Love your photos inspirations girl !
You should wheck out my collages, for images :)
have a great week end !

Caroline said...

have loved Carrie´s wardrobe since I saw it years ago in a magazine.

stephanie said...

can i p l e a s e have carrie's wardrobe one day!!!! I swear i think it was the moment i freaked the most, in the movie, when big shows her her new closet. im at war with my closet right now. i need more space. def. a priority when i move.


Valeria said...

these truly are delightful<3
i LOVE your blog, and thanks for your comment(:

peace and love,
le rève