06 June 2009


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My new lipstick - it's a hot colour and smells delicious.

{lipstick: YSL Rougue Personnel #29}


Elissa said...

Hi darling,
I'm well, I'm actually back at home for the weekend. I'm starting my internship with Kim this week I think so I needed to bring my car down! Not looking forward to the long drive home tomorrow :(.. How about you, how have you been? What have you been up to? Anything exciting tales to tell? How is uni?

You should definitely attempt sewing the stockings, it is worth a try. Imagine if they turned out - woaaah. AMAZING <3. Did you ever see fashionsquad's rodarte-inspired cardigan her mum made her? It was so good!

Hope you are smiling babe!

Elissa said...

P.s. lipstick colour is INSANE.. Soo "Jerry hall" glamorous, I love it!

Anonymous said...

oh WOW
fyi if you dont already know me i loveee anything tomato red in cosmetics seriously
i already have a lipstick that i heart but this one wil definitely have to be added! quickfast
did i tell you that i started a new blog? no more BEACH1129, i got bored and tinypic took all my fotos away grrr :(
so heres the new one, i want you to come by



Annie said...

Right on, love it

Anonymous said...

Love the colour ! :)

Raez said...

oh my, stunning colour. ive been looking for a nice color like this. cant wait to see it on you dear!

xx Raez

La Couturier said...

I d i e .

I need this! The color is perfect (obsessed with coral beauty products!). And it's YSL!

La C.

Anonymous said...

That's hot!

Stephanie said...

gorgeous colour! too funny because i recently did SUCH a similar post with a chanel lipstick.


Emily-Anne Faulstich said...

YSL lipstick always smells and tastes sooo good! i love that color it is so amazing.

jessica said...

i have to buy a new electric lippy tomorrow, as i'm getting my braces off ;]

Fashionista* said...

lovely colour