31 May 2009


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A little bit of springtime now that winter's in the air.


A. said...

haha lovely colour.
looks like the 70s.

tobaccoandleather said...

no it hasn't! it's killing me. i paid for it on the 16th, if it's not here tomorrow, there is going to be a very frustrated message sent to the seller on ebay!

hasnt stopped me trawling the site for things like the vase and bird, i have a new bedroom to decorate, it's quite sad how excited i am about it! ha.


Hanna said...

i'll come after about five weeks and i'm gonna be there about 10 months as an exhange student :)) i cannot wait!

Raez said...

hey love, i dig that peach! and i also adore your blog, so I gave you an award on my blog:):)

hope you dont mind!


M I A N N said...


Style On Track said...

Awww.... so pretty, very Russh Mag :)