29 May 2009


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Luisaviaroma were recently holding an I ♥ 80s competition where you could submit your own 80s inspired photograph for the chance win €2000 to spend instore.
This is what we came up with - a more sleek, modern take on the 80s sans any Flashdance, Desperately Seeking Susan or hair metal references.

{make up: mia. photographer: josh. styling: dee.}


S* said...

woow lovely picture!

Jennifer said...

Great photo!

stephanie said...

fantastic spin on the 80's! you girls look amazing!!!!!


SCISI said...

you lookk grea great guys loving the black and the sequins this is def a chic-er version of the 80's x

Leah said...

this is gooorgeous! good luck xx

Rosie said...

This is so effortless and I love the way it's not too obvious. Good luck x

Cindy said...

oh, i hope you win this photo is amazing.
totally 80's in a much more unique way then most people would go. love the make up too.

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

i know, i go up and down with sienna, but i wouldn't mind spending a few hours *cough* DAYS in her wardrobe. can i just ask, are you the gal in the middle?? either way, love this as sequins are perfection. have a lovely weekend x

An (ex) alien in new york said...

Well, if its any helps, i looked and straigt away caught the reference; the makeup, methinks.

Boubou said...

cool blog :) im gonna visit it now :)well if you wanna be inspired by my collages or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

Raez said...

hey love:) thanks for the birthday wishes, you girls look fab. best 80's look ive seen in a while, hope you girl win it!

good luck!

LetThemEatKate said...

you look amazin!!

S.A.A. said...

Dayum now that is some 80's style right there! I bet you win.

xo querido.

indie said...

Love the hairdos!

Alissa said...

Ah finally! I forgot about the 80' shoot. Is this the photo Josh chose?

I went and found the email and I think I actually like the first one best!

But wow. The photos are hot. Wish I didn't go home to sleep that day.

Nice use of the black dresses. I'm glad that you still have the ice skater. Beading on Amz arm looks fat.

I finished French today, so I'll answer my phone now. Pardon. C'etait tres difficile.


Kaela said...

great looks!!!!

xo k