13 April 2009


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[Vogue U.S. Feb 07. Ph: Patrick Demarchelier. Model: Caroline Trentini.]

I just came across these Givenchy wedges in an old copy of Vogue which is a
coincidence because I had sketched a pair of wedges a few days ago in my notepad that I thought would look amazing made up in black suede.
I guess it's a sign,
I'll have to take both pictures to the shoe maker this week.


stephanie said...

if you m a k e these, I want to see them so badly!!! Wedges are all im thinking about lately!


Jojo said...

Oh wow i love these..


LIZ-piration said...

those are sooo cuteee! xo


anne said...

beside the wedges, i love this zipper leggings... happy eastern

::G:: said...


Anonymous said...

lovely. hey you should totally post the sketch. xx

Anonymous said...

shoe maker?
you have a shoe maker?
where do you find such a service?

Leah said...

these are one of my fav shoes right now

Anonymous said...

delightful indeeeeed!

LILY & BAMBI said...

Would love to see how those turn out if you get them made.

sharon said...

givenchy makes the most killer wedges

Luxe. said...

Wow wow wow these are amazing!!

Jellysack said...

I remember that editorial! it was one of my faveeees. With the crazy scientist Balenciaga a/w07 glasses. I was so sad when i couldn't find those wedges anywhere online - i wanted them bad!

Vintage Tea said...


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feather hunter said...

i would go crazy for these!

Karla said...

HOT in black suede OR darn green suede