11 April 2009


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The ideal wardrobe by Emmanuelle Alt
from 20 Ans March 1997

1. Shoes: Black plastic flip flops
2. Stockings: black stockings by Wolford
3. Trousers: Black fit trousers by Helmut Lang
4. Dress/Skirt: I don't wear them but from time to time I enjoy wearing a black Ann Demeulemeester skirt barefoot.
5. Jacket/Coat: A black coat by Costume National
6. Underwear: A sheer 'Glossies' bra by Gossard
7. T-Shirt: An APC small black T-shirt
8. Sunglasses: Armani black ones, a bit like Bono's
9. Accessories: Air King watch by Rolex
10. Absolute basic for an evening: A long black dress by Galliano with Manolo Blahnik sandals

I wonder what her answers would be if asked today?


die t├Ągliche revolution said...

wow- i love these answers!! though, i have to admit, #1 kind of threw me off........


Anonymous said...

i love her, she is so stylist

stephanie said...

these answers are pretty timeless which is awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

It would be fantastic to see an updated version of this. I'm sure no1 may be different haha x

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you translate that yourself??