01 April 2009


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I took this photograph on the weekend at a barbeque and its now become my desktop background.
Look at that vase! And the marble surface, and the doves! And the telephone!
I think it's so beautiful, I wish it were in my room.


stephanie said...

i w a n t t h a t p h o n e !
h a v e b e e n
o n t h e h u n t f o r a b l a c k
o n e l i k e i t f o r
s o m e y e a r s n o w.

did you get the email ;)


Hemaly said...

It looks like heaven. My favorite has to be the mirror though.

jen said...

oooooh that vase! Colours are gorgeous.

Love your blog! I had been oogling some of your stuff on ebay, love the way you shoot your pics!