31 March 2009


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Kate Moss by Juergen Teller.
My current obsession.

P.S. what are the chances of somebody shooting me an email with a HQ copy of his epic shot of Kate in bed with pink hair?
I can't seem to find a copy that's nice and big.


Stephanie said...

this shot is
i don't have an hq one
but i have one
will send it now ;)


Etranger said...

maybe this one: http://imilk.blogg.se/images/2008/rooo_15640611.jpg

Anonymous said...

Hey hun I have a question for you, what do you do and how do you do it?! Your blog is amazing and I just saw the post below about being the stylists assistant for the Oyster shoot. Im currently studying fashion design and would love to hear stories of how people got into the industry :) If you don't feel comfortable sharing that sort of stuff then no worries. xx

die t├Ągliche revolution said...

this shot is amazing!! wow.
i wonder what her favorite drink is....... ;)


Noelle said...

Ugh! You have impeccable taste luv.


Hemaly said...

Kate will always be an idol. That picture of her with the pink hair totally does it.

Ryan said...

has anyone found the pink haired shot yet...i want one too!

alexander wang has it framed in his office... check it out: