22 February 2009


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These are the two necklaces I've had on rotation lately.
The orb was my mothers. It actually opens up has room for little photos like a locket.
The other is an antique medallion given to me for my 21st and engraved with my initial and birthday.


I Like Stuff said...

What a cool 21st birthday gift! I love antique silver...the way it looks like old junk until you polish it--and all of a sudden, it looks brand-new!

Stephanie said...

oh! So gorgeous!!!!

Hemaly said...

They're absolutely beautiful.

Let's Bolt said...

Such a beautiful way to display these gems.

lovelove your blog

maria said...

Those are beautiful!
And I love that they're personal and really mean something.

i.d. said...

Gorgeous - I love them both! Also love the heart-shape bowl you put them in. xx