26 February 2009


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My vintage white fur jacket arrived from ebay today.
At first it was very overwhelming due to the big fluffy collar, and I wasn't thrilled.
So I played around with it by tucking the collar down and voila!
It not only reduced the pimp factor by 100% but as a side effect puffed up the shoulders.
It is now amazing.


Mie said...

What a beautyful color! I'm sure you will only get more and more attached to it... ;)

S.A.A. said...

aHHH I've been scouring ebay for my winter fur coat because we all know that this is going to be the trend du jour this winter!

xo querido.

filthy lust said...

ooh v. nice.

Stephanie said...

Lady, it's gorgeous!!!!
Looks so supple and the colour is beautiful!!!! It's so difficult to know what you're going to end up with when it comes to ordering furs online- mine is also perfect but it fits like a blazer incl. the cropped sleeve effect. I think i'd like my next fur to be about 1/2 a size bigger then this current one, but overall i'm super happy!!

Anways....going to email you :)


Hemaly said...

This looks so amazing. Words can't express the sensation i'm getting from this look!

Rock It said...

so jealous...it's very pretty and pimp...haha

Laroux said...

Try rolling up the sleeves to the elbow and pinning them up to de-pimp the look.

i dont like the use of fur in fashion but congrats on buying vintage rather than buying new, if you have to wear fur, it's the "humane" way to do it


Raez said...

love love love! id love to see it on you, that white is luxurious!

Raez said...

love love love! id love to see it on you, that white is luxurious!

Fashionista* said...

looks cute
how does it look on you?
any pictures?