20 January 2009


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Little Joy is the side project of Fabrizio Moretti (the Strokes drummer) and one of the albums I've had on rotation lately.
Here are two of my favourite tracks off their self titled album...

Little Joy - Brand New Start.mp3

Little Joy - No Ones Better Sake.mp3



Stephanie said...

I listened to brand new start- I can completely see why: such a great summer tune!

Thanks for the music tip;-)

yumnaaa.com/blog said...

aw poop! files have been removed :(
try mediafire.com, it's great

TathiSpacek said...

I looove Little Joy! I'm actually glad that Rodrigo Amarante ended up with Los Hermanos... Little Joy is so much better! :D Brand New Start makes me happy! Keep me in mind is very good too :) xx

Rocky B. said...

love your blog :)

Stephanie said...

did you see the recent WWWear post on sheer dresses?!!! your dress that i want so bad is going to make a killing for you!!! its such a coveted piece and of all the ebay research i did yours is BY FAR the nicest. by far. damn i wish it could be mine ;-)