06 January 2009


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Too cute to eat!


Etranger said...

They're amazing!

i.d. said...

That's adorable! I love the lipstick, it looks so real!

Rina said...

soso cute, lol. nice pictures,


are those real cupcakes? OMG sooooooo adorable!!!! i want some!! mmmm!

hope ur keepin warm!

how was ur New years? do anything eventful?


Blood Roses said...

i have only three words to say about this pic - 'OM NOM NOM!' xx

LoveMore said...

wow they ARE too good to eat! soooo cute!
i love the brushes the most.
jeans are done and posted my love!
thanks for your comment :)
xxx LM

Amanda said...

oooh. so cute!

Bex said...

yeah, those would have to be kept in a glass box and magically won't go stale because there is no way i would ever eat them. decoration only.



Jessica said...

haha so cute ! they must be a challenge to actually make

Maria C said...

man, this is cute!

zoë said...

i would save those forever.
though it would be hard to refrain from eating freshly baked cupcakes, it would indubitably be worth it.

i actually have a picture saved on my computer of some other chanel cupcakes. they're not quite as exquisite as these though, that's for sure.

oh by the way love, i adore your blog ♥ let's stay in touch !

葛瑞塔.greta said...

makes me drooling!

lavelle said...

these are beautiful! i'd love some chanel cupcakes! definately too cute to eat though