18 November 2008


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(Roberta Ridolfi)

I was tagged by Through The Looking Glass and Le Fashion 
so here is a list of 6 things about me:

♥ I drive a 97 Peugeot 306 that I call Bluebird.

♥ I think love letters are the most special things in the whole wide world.

♥ I am saving up and will be able to buy one of these very very soon.

♥ My Grandma always used to tell me we were descendants of Cleopatra VII.

♥ My favourite flowers are cherry blossoms.

♥ I love looking at the moon and take the time to do so every night.



Anonymous said...

great 6 things, very lovely to read and see the pics. you are delightful!

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

I love these facts you chose to share :)