26 October 2008

♥ Leotards, Lipstick And Lace ♥


Pic: Vogue Russia Nov 2008. Ph: Matt Irwin. Model: Natasa Vojnovic.


Anonymous said...

makes me want some lace tights. LOVE.

MR style said...

i love the model ! so peculiar

dance said...

There are a number of sportswear companies that manufacture Leotards
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Ballet said...

In all the so mentioned fields they all tell a story with their bodies. So, it is not wonder that a leotards would be a close-fitting one piece garment. But also, all of the fields take high energy. And with a high energy sport no one wants a garment that would in any way inhibit the wearer from accomplishing the goals set forth in the sport. That said; let's get back to ballet leotards.