07 September 2008

Summer Time

The start of the Spring Summer collections,
and the start of my Spring.
I can't wait to be in shorts again like Freja.
I love her hair at the moment, Anja's too.

Pics: tFS


Le Fashion said...

we have similar taste, lol.

I just recently posted the close up of this shot on my blog :) She is great. Def one of my favorite models!

xAx said...

I love Freya, she has such a simple look but she's always incredible. Only she would look good with a haircut she did herself. I wish i could wear shorts all the time, but the Uk has a summer lasting a max of two weeks spread out in random days across the year, lo. Zippora looks amazing too, she has such a mature face, maybe thats just me.

LEESH said...

i love effortlessly cool looks.