07 September 2008

Big Bows Rule


I love the make up too,
and the frilly white socks,
and the lacy girlie bra peeking out from under her boyfriends shirt.


Amanda said...

that picture is perfection.

Alissa said...

deeeej, your blog creeps me out. heapss!!! a couple of times now i'be been looking for something, or saved a photo of something and then i visit your blog and you've posted it. we are thinking the same thoughts! maybe that's why you are my friend? haha.

i looked for this photo but couldn't find it yet as casette society website has not been updated (with my cute tyedye dress also). i loveeee ittttt. xxxx

control click save as...

Olsens Anonymous said...

love that pic!

LEESH said...

i'm so wearing something like this tomorrow. i love it.