15 August 2008

M.I.A. Comin' Back With Power Power


Strike match light fire, who's that girl called Maya?
I give the bamboo banging jungle goddess raps not only for wearing crazy prints, miles of bling and skin tight lycra all at once and actually looking good in it; But more importantly for taking Bollywood samples and fat jungle beats and combining them with witty lyrics to fuse politics and music. By drawing on her experiences of war, poverty, survival and predjudice, M.I.A.'s music is social commentary that raises awareness, while making you dance at the same time.

"Nobody wants to be dancing to political songs. Every bit of music out there that’s making it into the mainstream is really about nothing. I wanted to see if I could write songs about something important and make it sound like nothing. And it kind of worked."


Pics: thecobrasnake, M.I.A's myspace


Jessica said...

I absolutly love M.I.A.
I love how she is drawn to sing more about politics and the situations in the world than about random subjects that everyone is singing about.
This post is a great tribute !
Oh and yes, i linked you :)
Now i know where to find your awesome posts all the timee yaaay!

LEESH said...

she truly is ONE OF A KIND, which is hard to be these days. i've totally got respect for her too.

Kat said...

her yellow glasses are great :)

LEESH said...

ps. if you find that panther ring, let me know ASAP. i'm totally dying for one of those bad boys ahha


girl on the wing said...

She is phenomenal...
lovely blog you have here, i'm linking to you :)

Anonymous said...
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L said...

ia, mia is amazing!