31 August 2008

Little Doe Is Love




Erin Wasson is a fan, and now I am too.
These gorgeous custom made headpieces are from Little Doe.
I absolutely adore the lookbook - a bunch of beautiful polaroid pictures - which I am enjoying gazing at as with prices ranging from $250-400, I could never ever afford the real deal.


Alissa said...

ohhh deej. i love these too! and the look book is so pretty. all soft lit and grassy fields. just the way i like it!

they sort of remind me of erin's multicoloured headdress that I always though was so rad. but more natural looking and expensive, unfortunately.

we could always purchase for the communal wardrobe. it's not like you need a feathered headdress every day!

Anonymous said...

ooh la la! i adore those photos so much! and thank you for stopping by my blog :)


Knight Cat said...

oh i know, i love these!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was Mia in the second picture!

LEESH said...

i know! little doe is seirously ammmaazzzzing! my friend just did a post on them a bit ago and i felll IN LOVE! if erin wasson approves, so do i...