25 July 2008

Hot Hot Hotpants

Is anyone else as excited as me about Topshop's 'Wonderland' hotpants a la Chanel Spring/Summer o7?
Ever since Karl sent these teeny tiny hotpants down the runway I've wanted some. Badly.


However, until now, the closest I had come to getting my hands on a pair was a drag queen I approached on the street named 'Destiny' who (sadly for me) had hers custom made by a friend.

I'd wear them like Iekeliene here:



The dismal exchange rate.

It will be Summer over here when these babies hit the racks.
Topshop now ships to Australia.
They're hot.

I'm sold.

If only they came with a set of stems like Daria's. I'm off to hit the treadmill...

Pics: style.com, tFS, topshop.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THEM! I cant wait to wear mine!